4 Benefits of Goat’s Milk Soap, Is It Really Better than Regular Soap?

Apart from being consumed, did you know that goat milk, aka goat milk, can also be processed into soap? Even goat’s milk soap is preferred and recommended, you know! You see, soap from goat’s milk is actually better than ordinary bath soap, MarshaLova!

Benefits of Goat’s Milk Soap for Skin and Beauty

The benefits of goat’s milk soap are because the ingredients and manufacturing process are better than ordinary bath soap. This is because the ingredients used are more natural and more moisturizing on the skin.

If so, what are the benefits of goat’s milk soap? Check out the list that Marsha Beauty has compiled especially for you below, come on! Happy reading!

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Removes dirt and dead skin cells from the skin

goat's milk soap

In its natural form, goat milk contains lactic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid aka AHA. Lactic acid itself is very effective in cleaning the skin because it can lift dirt stuck to the skin, including stubborn dirt.

Meanwhile, AHA is a type of active ingredient that is very effective in removing dead skin cells. As you probably already know, dead skin cells are one of the main causes of dull skin. The combination of the two will certainly make your skin immediately look bright and glowing because all the dirt and dead skin cells that have been removed completely.

Provides nutrition for skin

goat's milk soap

Another benefit of goat milk is its natural fat and protein content. Protein can help make the skin structure stronger and eradicate acne-causing bacteria. While the natural fat content can moisturize the skin and prevent inflammation (inflammation).

In addition, goat’s milk is also rich in vitamins and minerals that your skin needs to stay healthy, you know! Examples are vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin D, vitamin E, and zinc.

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Maintain the pH balance of the skin

goat's milk soap

Compared to ordinary bath soap, soap from goat’s milk has a lower pH level. The problem is that there is a caprylic acid content in natural goat’s milk, which can maintain the pH balance of the soap so that it resembles the pH level of human skin.

Why is it important to choose a soap whose pH level is the same as the skin’s pH level? Because in this way, all the nutrients and benefits contained in the soap can be absorbed optimally. In addition, skin moisture is maintained.

Keeps skin moisturised in a better way

goat's milk soap

The natural cream in goat milk can help lock moisture in the skin, you know! With regular use every day, your skin will feel much softer and supple, which you can feel for yourself.

In addition, goat’s milk soap is also free from detergents, dyes, and alcohol. So those of you who have sensitive skin or have certain problems such as eczema are highly recommended to use soap from goat’s milk. Because that way, your skin won’t get irritated and the ingredients in the soap won’t make your skin condition worse.

In general, goat milk soap is a worthy alternative for you to try, especially if you are planning to switch to more natural skin and body care products. The thing is that products from goat’s milk are safer, although you also need to test them first to see if there is an allergic reaction on your skin.

So how about it, MarshaLova? Are you becoming more and more interested in switching to goat’s milk soap?