The reason Roy and Bonge cs will move to Pantai Indah Kapuk, Leave Citayam Fashion Week?

CItayam Fashion Week

The reason Roy and Bonge cs will move to Pantai Indah Kapuk, Leave Citayam Fashion Week? – Recently, there have been rumors that Roy, Jeje, Bonge and the ABG Citayam Fashion Week will move to Pantai Indah Kapuk. Is it true that they moved because they felt displaced by other, more elite groups who also enlivened Citayam Fashion Week?

Roy has given information about this. It is undeniable that the names of Roy, Jeje, Bonge, and their friends soared up because of their hanging out activities and Citayam Fashion Week which was held in SCBD and Citayam.

Apparently, Roy cs did not plan to continue hanging out and making youtube and tiktok content in the area around Sudirman.Roy further said that they had plans to move to Pantai Indah Kapuk. An urban area in North Jakarta that provides a wide variety of facilities and restaurants.


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“Later, there is an intention to move to PIK, anyway,” said Roy. This move is planned to be done in the near future as well.

“The plan is that this month all content creators will move to PIK, so it will be quiet here. At least some of it is here,” continued Roy.

Roy continued that the reason for moving to the PIK area was to create a new concept. He got this idea from his management team who is a tiktok content creator.


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Roy cs was also ready if they were expelled and criticized from PIK and returned to Sudirman area, where previously they had received criticism from reprimands for making a crowd.Roy added that the Citayam Fashion Week also helps street vendors. He said that the income of street vendors increased because of this Citayam Fashion Week.


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