How to Celebrate Birthday with Traveloka Epic Sale Singapore

If your birthday is this October, you have to know some information about Traveloka Epic Sale Singapore. That is a promo that you can get at the beginning of October 2021. The promo offers a discount of up to 80% for your hotels, flights, and Xperience.

Singapore, A Good Place to Celebrate Birthday

Singapore is a modern country. It is on the peninsula, so the weather is very reliable from January to December. As a tropical country, Singapore is enjoyable every month. The sun shines brightly, and the fresh air always greets the tourist calmly. The area is clean too. So, you do not need to worry about the cleanliness. From MRT to hotel, you will see clean spaces everywhere.

Celebrate your birthday in Singapore will be a good plan. Why is that so? Because a birthday is a special moment that has to be the memorable one. In Singapore, many hotels can be good places to stay. You can make your birthday celebration in that place. From decorations to food, there will be many things to choose from for your special moment.

Five Stars Hotels for Your Birthday

Do you want to celebrate your birthday in a five stars hotel? If you do, you can reserve it from now. What to do first is look at the hotel lists that you can see on the platform. The next step is to read the facilities, services, and testimonials. After that, you can reserve the room and pay the bill. But, if you are lucky, you can get extra discounts this October. It is Traveloka Epic Sale Singapore

Not only for your hotel bills, but you can also get a discount on your flight. Do you prefer a shuttle or one-way ticket for flights? It is up to you, but you can get a special discount. So, read the terms of service that Traveloka gives to all the applier for this promo. Read it carefully and make sure to fulfill the requirements.

If you can fulfill the requirements, you will get that discount. So, in October you can celebrate your birthday in a five stars hotel in Singapore. In five stars hotel in Singapore, you can eat many cuisines that are very tasty and cozy. Continental menu and a la carte menu is very famous there. Cakes and macaroons are also good for your birthday party.

You can make the party bigger, or more private. It is up to you and depends on how many people will you invite. But you can have a private party only by two or five friends and reserve some single bedroom or double bedroom.

All the parties, whether it is a private or bigger party will be great. You can take some benefits from Traveloka’s promo. It will be very memorable to have that kind of party with a low budget. But, you can stay in a five stars hotel in Singapore but can save money while traveling.